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Barragoon is a fascinating, completely strategic game without any coincidence factor. Complexity and variety of this game with all its unexpected turns will inspire you!

The process:
Both players use their tactical skills to move their tiles and arrange the barragoon pieces to enable them to capture all their opponent`s tiles or to impede their opponent`s progress.
A player has lost when he no longer has any tiles that he can move.

The barragoon piece:
The barragoon piece is the central element of the game. Each of its side shows another symbol. It blocks or frees the tiles to be moved in specific directions, depending on the direction indicated by the uppermost symbol. If a barragoon piece is captured, it can be placed again on the board at a free chosen position. By this, the players can block or attack the opponent or save their own tiles.

The clou:
Each time a tile is captured, two new, additional barragoon pieces have to be put on the board. By this, the board becomes more and more crowded and the risk to get locked up increases. At the same time the chance to beat the opponent increases as well.


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Artikelnummer SS-549-232
ean 4260371790016
Uitgever WiWa Spiele
Minimum aantal spelers 2
Maximum aantal spelers 2
Leeftijd 8+
Speelduur 60 - 90 minuten
Taal Nederlands, Engels, Frans, Duits
Taalonafhankelijk Ja
Nederlandse spelregels Nee

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