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  1. Robot Turtles

    Robot Turtles

    € 24,95

    Robot Turtles is a board game for kids ages 3-8. Kids won't know it, but while they're playing, they're learning the fundamentals of programming.

    Every player ("Turtle Master") takes a turtle and a matching deck of cards. Stack the cards face up on the table in piles, then build a maze for each player out of walls and a jewel. The youngest turtle master goes first, placing his first card down, then moving (or having his parent move) the turtle accordingly. As players progress, they build their program on the table; if they make a mistake, they can shout "Undo!" and debug it.

    Before too long, kids figure out the secret of Robot Turtles: It lets the kids control the grown-ups! The little programmers put instruction cards down, driving the turtles through the maze, but the grown-up is the computer, executing commands on the board. At its heart, Robot Turtles is a game about bossing around adults, just like programming is about bossing around computers.
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  2. Kerala: Der Weg der Elefanten (German edition)

    Kerala: Der Weg der Elefanten (German edition)

    € 31,49

    Niet in voorraad

    Welcome to the elephant festival in the Indian province of Kerala! Colorfully decorated elephants roam everywhere, and naturally players want to participate and make the most magnificent fairground with as many elephants as possible.

    In Kerala: Der Weg der Elefanten, each player wants to take at least one tile of each color, and all tiles of one color should be joined together, but of course the players are constantly getting in the way of one another and grabbing the tiles that someone else wants.
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  3. Onitama


    € 27,49

    Onitama is a two-player, perfect information abstract game with a random starting set-up. On a 5x5 board, both players start with five pawns on their side, with the main pawn in the middle.

    Each player has two open cards that each display a possible move for any of his pieces. There is a fifth card that cannot be used by either player. On a player's turn, he chooses one of his cards, moves one of his pieces according to the chosen card, then replaces the card he used with the fifth card. The other player then chooses one of his cards, moves accordingly, and exchanges that card with this fifth card — which is, of course, the card the first player just used.

    Moving onto one of the opponent's pawns removes that pawn from the game. Taking the opponent's main pawn, or moving your main pawn into your opponent's main pawn's starting space, wins you the game.
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  4. Schachen


    € 11,50

    Schachen is a chess variant without a game board, which creates the fascination of a chess game in a compact way. Without long openings, the players enter directly into confrontation. The original rules of Chess are simplified/expanded by a few additional rules.

    At the start of the game, each player has a king and four pawns. Cards for the remaining chess pieces form a deck from which the player draws three. The active player first moves a piece according to the original rules for chess, then (optionally) chooses one of the three cards in hand, places it next to an existing card, then draws a replacement card. Pawns must be placed beside another pawn, and all other figures must be placed behind a pawn. The aim of the game remains the same: Checkmate the opponent's king!

    Schachen is for players who like and know chess, but who think the original game is too complex and takes too long. Meer info
  5. Rummy in houtcassette

    Rummy in houtcassette

    € 37,50

    Iedere speler heeft als het zijn beurt is de keuze tussen:
    - een combinatie plaatsen (in kleur, opklimmende waarde, zelfde waarde maar verschillende kleur) van minimum 3 tegels
    - een tegel uit het kaartendek nemen

    Je mag slechts beginnen spelen als je tenminste 40 punten op tafel kan leggen. Vanaf het moment dat deze 40 zijn geplaatst, mag de speler deze tegels ook gebruiken om de op tafel al bestaande combinaties aan te vullen of te veranderen.

    De speler die als eerste al zijn tegels kwijt is, wint! Meer info
  6. Haru Ichiban

    Haru Ichiban

    € 15,50

    In Haru Ichiban, or "The Wind of Spring", two apprentice gardeners compete to use this wind to their advantage to create harmonious patterns of their blossoms upon the lilypads.

    Each gardener has eight flower buds numbered 1-8, with three of those buds being in hand at the start of a round. Sixteen lilypads are placed in the 5x5 pond, with one of them turned to its dark side.

    Each gardener simultaneously chooses a reveals a bud, with the player with the lower number becoming the Little Gardener and the other becoming the Grand Gardener. In order:

    The Little Gardener places one of his colored blossoms on the dark lilypad.
    The Grand Gardener places one of his colored blossoms on the lilypad of his choice.
    The Little Gardener moves one lilypad to an adjacent space, possibly moving other lilypads at the same time.
    The Grand Gardener flips one unoccupied lilypad to its dark side.
    Each gardener takes a new bud.

    As soon as a gardener creates a specific pattern with blossoms of his color, he scores points: 1 point for a 2x2 square, 2 points for a horizontal or vertical row of four blossoms, 3 points for a diagonal row of four blossoms, and 5 points for a row of five blossoms. If the gardener has fewer than five points, the gardeners reset the board and start a new round with three buds of their eight; if the gardener has five or more points, the game ends and he wins! Meer info
  7. Light of Dragons

    Light of Dragons

    € 50,00

    Light of Dragons is a tactical dice and positioning game in which players battle in the role of ancient peoples who are trying to become ruler over warring lands. Meer info
  8. The Arabian Pots

    The Arabian Pots

    € 29,50

    The arabian pots Meer info
  9. Brains Japanischer Garten

    Brains Japanischer Garten

    € 9,00

    How does it work?

    Choose 1 of the 50 puzzles from the Puzzle sheets and put it in front of
    you. Take the 7 Garden tiles and hold them ready. Now you can start.
    You try to fill each empty space on the Puzzle sheet with a Garden tile
    in such a way that all the Tasks on the Puzzle sheet are fulfilled. You
    may adjust the orientation of a Garden tile in any direction.
    Each puzzle has exactly one solution. The puzzles are designed in such
    a way that smart deduction will lead to the solution much quicker than
    trial and error. Meer info
  10. Barragoon


    € 31,50

    Rules included in:

    Barragoon is a fascinating, completely strategic game without any coincidence factor. Complexity and variety of this game with all its unexpected turns will inspire you!

    The process:
    Both players use their tactical skills to move their tiles and arrange the barragoon pieces to enable them to capture all their opponent`s tiles or to impede their opponent`s progress.
    A player has lost when he no longer has any tiles that he can move.

    The barragoon piece:
    The barragoon piece is the central element of the game. Each of its side shows another symbol. It blocks or frees the tiles to be moved in specific directions, depending on the direction indicated by the uppermost symbol. If a barragoon piece is captured, it can be placed again on the board at a free chosen position. By this, the players can block or attack the opponent or save their own tiles.

    The clou:
    Each time a tile is captured, two new, additional barragoon pieces have to be put on the board. By this, the board becomes more and more crowded and the risk to get locked up increases. At the same time the chance to beat the opponent increases as well.
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