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  1. Emojito


    € 15,99

    Pak een kaart en beeld de emotie uit die erop staat afgebeeld. Kunnen de andere spelers raden om welke emmotie het gaat? Wie het eeste vijf rondjes op het speelbord aflegt, is de winnaar! Meer info
  2. Speed Colors

    Speed Colors

    € 17,99

    Speed Colors Spectaculair partyspel voor het hele gezin. Onthoud het voorbeeld en kleur zo snel mogelijk het plaatje in. Dat klinkt eenvoudig, maar als na een paar spelletjes de doppen van de stiften met elkaar zijn verwisseld, wordt het echt een chaos! Wie heeft het beste geheugen en kleurt het snelst? Meer info
  3. Frutti di Mare: Veni, Vidi, Antipasti!

    Frutti di Mare: Veni, Vidi, Antipasti!

    € 29,99

    Seafood and spaghetti — a deadly combination bound to give you a delicious taste of war. At the head of the army stands the great and honorable King Crab, commander of vast seafood armies, breaker of chains, and inspirational leader in the most dire of times. The ranks of your army consist of a nicely balanced mix of Mighty Mussels, Cunning Calamari, and Shy Shrimps, topped with some Smoking Salmon and Loyal Lobsters. Frutti di Mare: Veni, Vidi, Antipasti! offers a wide pallette to satisfy every taste.

    In the game, players take their turn in clockwise order, and each turn consists of three phases:
    • Income Phase — gain coins to spend in the recruitment phase
    • Recruitment Phase — buy fresh Frutti to strengthen your army
    • Action Phase — move and attack with your Frutti

    In addition, the King Crab can give one inspirational speech each turn with a variety of effects.

    There are three possibilities to win Frutti di Mare:
    • Reach the center of the plate with your King Crab
    • Stay at the center of the plate with a Royal Frutti for one full round
    • Eliminate your opponents' King Crabs Meer info
  4. Berenpark


    € 24,99

    Tactisch puzzelspel. Bouw je eigen berenpark met grote loopgebieden, ruime dierenverblijven, eetgelegenheden en toiletten. Puzzel jij de meest waardevolle dieren en standbeelden in je park? Met spelregels voor beginners en gevorderden! Meer info
  5. The Banishing

    The Banishing

    € 21,99

    A dark void has opened, and undead creatures are attempting to enter our world. You have come together as guardians who must work together to force the undead back through the void. However, the longer it takes, the stronger the undead become, threatening to overwhelm all.

    In The Banishing, players collect cards from the Void to form melds to cast unique spells and effects in an effort to complete the ritual of Banishing, which will hurl the undead back through the Void. Players must work together to create those melds, as well as to protect and heal each other from attacks by the undead in order to succeed. Meer info
  6. Purrrlock Holmes: Furriarty's Trail

    Purrrlock Holmes: Furriarty's Trail

    € 24,99

    Furriarty is terrorizing London, and it's up to Purrrlock Holmes to stop him before he completes his plans and escapes! However, Purrrlock cannot do it alone and you, as a newly inducted Inspector at Scotland Pound, must help bust members of Furriarty's gang in order to help Purrrlock get closer to the bewhiskered baddie that's been bullying all of Baker Street.

    In more detail, each player in Purrrlock Holmes: Furriarty's Trail draws a hidden suspect card. Players take turns making guesses using a "clock" mechanism about their unknown suspect’s identity. The other players (who can see every suspect but their own) will tell you whether you've got a lead on your suspect; if not, it's a dead-end. Figure out enough leads to deduce the suspect's identity, and you get to snag a clue that leads to Furriarty. Each clue is labeled with a variable number of victory points. Every round, Furriarty pads his way closer to escape, putting tension on the players to guess — quickly! — to solve the case. If you can deduce enough suspects and collect enough paw print tokens, you may be able to overtake Furriarty before he scrams.

    Get ready, Inspector, as the game is officially afoot — or a-paw, if you will... Meer info
  7. Ghostbusters: The Board Game II

    Ghostbusters: The Board Game II

    € 84,99

    Ghostbusters: The Board Game II features an original story by Ghostbusters comics writer Erik Burnham in which the Ghostbusters investigate mood slime that has flooded the city, creating earthquakes and riots in another attempt to bring back Vigo and his minions. In line with the story, the map tiles in the game depict buildings destroyed by earthquakes and fires, as well as collapsed streets that expose sewers infested with slime, tunnels with derailed subway cars, and ghost trains.

    This standalone game features new game elements that allow players to:
    •Switch between Proton and Slime Blower Packs with new custom figures and double-sided Character Cards.
    •Battle challenging new Plazm enemies that combine into stronger versions to attack and split up in defense; immune to Proton Streams, these phantoms can be taken down only by Ghostbusters wielding Slime Blower packs.
    •Use new ghosts to bring new Slime tokens that can inhibit the Ghostbusters' sight, movement, maneuvers and combat rolls.
    •Recover stolen experimental Ghostbusting equipment and level the playing field with new weapon, trap, utility and tome cards to survive challenging Event Cards and reap the rewards before things go from worse to apocalyptic. Meer info
  8. Skyward


    € 24,99

    Skyward is a strategy card drafting game of control versus opportunity for 2-4 players.

    After generations of turmoil, the four factions have finally put their differences aside to work together for a better tomorrow. As a commitment to this alliance, the world’s first airborne city, named Skyward, is to be built above the intersecting borders of the four realms. Tasked with building this new city, you and other cultural luminaries vie for control by becoming the Warden, and ultimately declared “Founder of Skyward”.

    In Skyward, the Warden deals cards from the central deck and splits them into piles however they see fit. Each player chooses a pile, providing them with buildings and resources. However, being the Warden is a double edged sword. While you wield the power of the split, everyone else gets to choose first, leaving you with the remaining pile.

    Skyward is played over several rounds. Each round starts with The Split, followed by individual player turns. The goal of the game is to launch a combination of buildings that yield the most Victory Points. The end game is triggered when any player launches their 6th building or the central deck is emptied. Complete the current round as you would normally, then complete one final split. The player with the most Victory Points wins the game. Meer info
  9. Outpost Siberia

    Outpost Siberia

    € 19,99

    Welcome to Outpost 1, the first science observatory located in the isolated frozen tundra of Siberia! You and your team have been investigating anomalous activities the region, and recently things have shifted for the worse. The coming storm is said to be the "storm-of-the-century"; it may last a month or more. Strange howls and buzzing fill the long nights, and yesterday a crew-member went AWOL... or worse. The call for evacuation was made, but it came too late. The long winter storm has set in. There's no hope of getting help until it clears. Now your crew's only hope is to use what little resources you have to survive the long winter cold (and whatever's out there in it). Use your rations wisely, and you may see the sun again.

    Outpost: Siberia is a fully cooperative, survival game that plays with a single deck of cards. Using an inventive dual-facing system, a single card in Outpost can be anything from life-saving supplies to cataclysmic catastrophes. By enduring relentless weather and defeating untamable beasts, players are rewarded with the much-needed tools and food to continually resupply their resources.

    Outpost: Siberia keeps the tension high, as players will need to collect their wits and ration their supplies in order to make through the perpetual perils that lie ahead! Meer info
  10. Brethren of the Coast

    Brethren of the Coast

    € 25,99

    We were schooner-rigged and rakish
    With a long and lissom hull,
    And we flew the pretty colours
    Of the crossbones and the skull;
    We’d a big black jolly roger
    Flapping grimly at the fore,
    And we sailed the Spanish waters
    In the happy days of yore.
    – John Masefield, ‘Long John Silver’

    The players in Brethren of the Coast set out from Port Royal and on each turn must make two straightforward decisions: to sail one of their ships to confront one of the Spanish galleons or settlements, then to enlarge the treasure hoard on a different Spanish galleon or a settlement by playing a card. Each ship adds to the size of their fleet, and each card adds to the Spanish loot — or possibly to the Spanish defenses! In this way, players compete for the opportunity to get the best of the Spanish treasure — doubloons and treasure chests — but cannot know at the beginning of the game exactly what treasure waits for them, nor how the Spanish will fight back when each galleon or settlement is "reckoned" and the treasure finally shared.

    Each player begins the game with four doubloons and may spend one to play a card face down, hiding information from their compatriots. Will you hide the best loot, or are you secretly aiding the Spanish against your peers in the hope of gaining a bigger payout? At the end of the game, the players count up their hoard of doubloons. In addition, the two players who have collected the most and secondmost treasure chests share all the doubloons spent to hide cards during the game — all other treasure chests are revealed to be worthless!

    Can the other brethren of the coast be trusted? Will the Spanish attack the largest fleet or the smallest? The brethren may have a code, but you are pirates, after all! Together you will defeat the Spanish, but only one pirate captain will win the day! Meer info

Artikelen 1 tot 10 van 4985 in totaal

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