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  1. Chariot Race

    Chariot Race

    € 19,95

    Masses of people awaiting a spectacle… scorching afternoon heat… sweaty equine bodies nervously yanking their harnesses. There it is, the starting signal!

    Dashing ahead with your chariot, slowly at first, but quickly gaining speed… circling the spina in the center of the arena to complete the first lap. The next corner comes closer. Glancing back, one of the chariots is already far behind, and just ahead another chariot's speed is too high for the corner, sending the vehicle crashing into the wall and out of the race. Only a single chariot blocks your path to victory, so it's time to get uncivilized. Steadily you balance the javelin in your hand, waiting for the other charioteer to come into view…or should you just overtake him and throw caltrops in his path?

    In Chariot Race: Das große Wagenrennen, players participate as charioteers in a great race in ancient Rome. Use the dice to complete two laps on the dusty arena's circuit and be the first to steer your chariot over the finish line. On a player's turn, if they have gained enough Favors of Fortuna, they can repair their chariot. Depending on the chariot's speed on the previous turn and its current condition, the initial speed is determined, which defines how many of the five dice will be rolled during the turn. Each face of the six-sided dice allows a different action: Gain new Favors, increase or decrease speed, change lanes, or attack opponents (either directly by hurling javelins or indirectly by dropping caltrops in their path). if the first roll is not satisfactory, the player may call on Fortuna to influence the dice, as long they have her favor. Once the result is set, the player moves their chariot forward according to the final speed they achieved and may then take actions against their rivals.

    However, breakneck racing and ramming are not without risk. If two chariots collide, they both take damage, and cornering at a wild gallop is not recommended. The further the safe speed is exceeded, the more damage is caused to the vehicle – which might fall apart in the middle of the arena if the driver is too careless, resulting in their elimination from the race. Meer info
  2. Titan Race

    Titan Race

    € 19,50

    In Titan Race, each player is a rider astride a titan, racing on one of the many wild circuits of Neverworld. It's a short, brutal three laps as you jockey for position, ram your opponents, and leverage bonuses and your titan's abilities to race across the finish line!

    The game board is an infinite circuit that wraps around at opposite sides. Each circuit has specific features that allow for interesting tactical maneuvers. Movement is governed by drafting dice from a pool rolled at the beginning of each round. If you choose a die that matches the color of your titan, you regain a life point.

    When you ram into another titan by moving into the same space, you push that titan and deal them damage. There are also ways to lay traps on the circuit that will damage titans who encounter them. If you get KO'd due to taking too much damage, you'll spend a turn resetting right where you were knocked out, but you're not out of the race.

    Each titan has a special ability that can be activated once each round. Moving into certain bonus spaces on the circuit also grant players bonus cards that can be played for additional effects. Meer info
  3. Race for the Galaxy: Xeno Invasion

    Race for the Galaxy: Xeno Invasion

    € 25,00

    Race for the Galaxy: Xeno Invasion, an expansion for the RftG base game that comprises the third story arc in the game series, depicts the galaxy as being under attack by waves of violently xenophobic aliens, dubbed the Xenos. XI adds Xeno military worlds (worlds conquered and occupied by them), specific military vs. Xenos, and a new keyword: ANTI-XENO. To provide a good proportion of new Xeno worlds, keyword, and powers, XI is not compatible with the other expansion story arcs.

    Xeno Invasion is aimed at intermediate RFTG players, altering Explore to be mix-with-hand. It adds 51 game cards to the base set and includes a bonus Invasion Game, with Produce: Repair and invasion cards, a repulse track, bunkers, and various counters.

    The Invasion game adds two new ways the game can end: by either repulsing or falling to the Xenos. In Produce, players can repair damaged worlds and donate goods to the war effort (earning VPs). Players can also earn VP awards by defeating their share of the Xeno attackers and having the highest military vs Xenos, while they lose the use of damaged worlds that they fail to defend (until they are repaired). The Xeno attacks take place at the end of each round, starting with round 3, and typically take less than 30 seconds to resolve so that players can immediately return to selecting their actions for the next round. Meer info
  4. Race to Berlin

    Race to Berlin

    € 32,00

    Niet in voorraad

    Race to Berlin game portrays the last months of World War II in Europe. In the West, after the landing in Normandy and forcing German troops to withdraw from France, the armies of the Western Allies stand over the borders of the Reich, being ready to get across Rhine. In the East, mighty Red Army preparing itself to final offensive, which goal is the capital of Nazi Germany, Berlin. Both Allies are set for the race to ultimate victory.

    Players take role of the commanders of the Soviet and Allied armies competing for prize winners: the capital of the Third Reich. Additionally, they command German armies, standing in front of their ally (player directing the Red Army commands German troops on the Western Front and player, who controls the Western Allies commands German troops on the Eastern Front), whose task is to delay their troops on its way to Berlin. In addition, the players has to seize the strategically important regions of Germany, which later will be administered by occupying troops.

    Result of this race creates post-war spheres of influence by the winners of the Second World War, which influence the balance of power during the Cold War.

    Game components
    - A map showing areas of Western and Central Europe, where the last battles of World War II took place in 1945.
    - Front line markers (2×25 pieces), to show the Western and Soviet front lines, which shifted during the operations.
    - Logistics blocks (2×8 pieces), which form the basis of players’ military maneuvers on the board.
    - Action cubes (2×20 pieces), to mark the number of actions made by a logistics block.
    - Military unit tokens (40 pieces) with historical markings of armies (Germany, Western Allies) or fronts (Red Army). In the game there are three forces: the Western Allies, the Soviets and the Germans. German units have a current strength, shown by their current orientation. A German unit’s current strength is the number on the side facing west (for Western Front German units) or east (for Eastern Front German units). As a German unit takes losses, its block is rotated to show its new status. The West and the Soviets were allied in the war, but compete against each other as players in the game. Germany has no ally, and is divided into the Western Front and the Eastern Front.
    - Special action tokens (16 pieces), for use during combat.
    - Fortification tokens (16 pieces) in 3 types: improved positions, regular fortifications, and major fortifications. These represent important defensive lines, e.g. the Siegfried Line (Westwall), Pomeranian Wall, etc.
    - Victory point tokens (2×4 pieces) for areas of crucial importance for military operations (e.g. Essen, Breslau, etc.).

    All game elements are limited by the physical amount provided. Meer info
  5. Banjooli Cross

    Banjooli Cross

    € 20,00

    Banjooli Cross is een gekke struisvogelrace, waarbij je de juiste uitslag van de race moet voorspellen om de nieuwe sjamaan te worden van de stam. De oude traditie wil namelijk dat de tovenaar die met zijn toverkracht de race het meest kan beïnvloeden de nieuwe sjamaan moet worden.

    Elke beurt dobbel je met de bewegingsdobbelstenen en de tovenaarsdobbelsteen. Vervolgens mag je één struisvogel verplaatsen op basis van de bewegingsdobbelstenen ofwel een struisvogel betoveren op basis van de tovenaarsdobbelsteen. Een rechte race naar de finish zal het echter niet worden. Struisvogels springen over elkaar, zitten vast achter een versperring of ze steken wel eens hun kop in het zand. Bovendien kan je het parcours nog aanpassen met gevaarlijke passages zoals onder andere lavastromen of een rivier met krokodillen.

    Als op één na alle struisvogels de finish zijn gepasseerd worden de punten geteld op basis van geheime voorspellingen aan het begin van de race. Je krijgt punten voor de struisvogels die in de top-3 zijn geëindigd, maar je kan je score bovendien nog verdubbelen als je de laatste positie correct hebt voorspeld. De winnaar wordt de nieuwe sjamaan van de stam. Meer info
  6. Pitchcar ext 4 Stunt Race

    Pitchcar ext 4 Stunt Race

    € 35,00

    Pitchcar Extension 4
    Quote from Boardgamenews :
    Ferti will introduce a new expansion for PitchCar at Spiel 08 subtitled Stunt Race, and this fourth expansion will include material that lets you bring the car-flicking race game to a whole new level – literally. Yes, PitchCar: Stunt Race includes support blocks, ramps and track joiners – along with suggested circuits – that create a two-story race structure that will undoubtedly have your car sailing far beyond the rails as you gun the engine up the ramp.

    Note, too, that the box cover shows a ramp support being placed in the center of the base level of track, providing an extra challenge on the ground – should working your arm through the supports in order to reach your car not be enough. Meer info
  7. Dino Race

    Dino Race

    € 21,50

    Niet in voorraad

    De spelers lopen zo snel als ze kunnen door vlaktes, woestijnen, moerassen en jungles om hun dino's te behoeden voor uitsterven. Ondertussen moet men de medespelers met hun smerige trucks proberen te ontwijken. Iedere speler moet zijn dino koppel tot aan het einde van het parcours proberen te krijgen om daar punten te scoren.
    Wanneer het dino ei veilig overgebracht wordt verdient men ook nog punten. Meer info
  8. Race for the Galaxy: Alien Artifacts

    Race for the Galaxy: Alien Artifacts

    € 26,00

    Expansieset voor het spel Race for the Galaxy. Let op: voor deze uitbreiding is het basisspel vereist, maar Alien Artifacts is NIET compatibel met eerdere expansiesets! Alien Artifacts stuurt het spel namelijk in een andere richting. Deze set bevat 45 nieuwe kaarten en startwerelden voor het basisspel plus een set actiekaarten en kaarten voor een vijfde speler. Daarnaast bevat deze set 45 kaarten en Alien tokens die de Alien Orb vertegenwoordigen. Meer info
  9. Wheels Race Large

    Wheels Race Large

    € 37,00

    Bouw wagens met magnetische materialen. Laat je kinderen spelend leren en de magnetische krachten ontdekken. Meer info
  10. Wheels Race Fantasy

    Wheels Race Fantasy

    € 22,00

    Bouw een racewagen met magnetische materialen. Laat je kinderen spelend leren en de magnetische krachten ontdekken. Meer info

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