Atacama Second Edition

Atacama Second Edition

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Excitement in the Chilean desert! Valuable mineral resources — gold, silver and copper — have been found in the 1,200 km long desert along the coast of the Pacific Ocean. Several companies are already busy prospecting by erecting huge drilling rigs as the seams are deep under the surface. Due to security reasons, the drilling rigs cannot be installed too close to one another, so each new rig limits the possibilities for erecting new ones in the surrounding areas.

What's more, the mining rights have been limited by the government. The companies have received a concession for only two of the three commodities – and extracting the "wrong" type of commodity will result in penalties.

Atacama, part of Mücke Spiele's "Edition Bohrtürme" series of games, is a tactical game for two or four players. (The second edition of the game includes a game board that allows you to play with three.)

Atacama Second Edition

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Artikelnummer SS-MUCKE-91-211
ean 4280000153814
Uitgever Mücke Spiele
Minimum aantal spelers 2
Maximum aantal spelers 4
Leeftijd 8+
Speelduur 15 - 30 minuten
Taal Engels, Duits
Taalonafhankelijk Nee

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