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  1. Desperados of Dice Town

    Desperados of Dice Town

    € 17,00

    Desperados of Dice Town has the same setting as the Dice Town game from the same authors, but this is a prequel of sorts, with players now trying to free their fellow bandits from jail in order to do any number of ill-considered deeds. We'll figure that out later, though — first, let's free some desperadoes!

    Each player has five desperadoes in jail at the start of the game, each with a different symbol on them. On a turn, you roll four dice up to three times, putting aside any dice you want to save. If you combine a "hit" with a symbol on a desperado, you rotate that desperado disc, moving him one step closer to freedom. Each desperado requires a different number of steps to reach freedom, and once free, when you hit that same desperado, he now robs money from the other players.

    Certain dice combinations allow you to draw multiple bonus cards and choose one or two that you like, and if you skunk out and don't do anything else, you take the top card as compensation. The cards let you take special bonus actions like not paying opponents and using symbols in different ways.

    Win by freeing all of your desperadoes before anyone else or by being the last one in the game. Meer info
  2. Swordfish


    € 37,50

    Swordfish is a German game on the fishing and the commerce of swordfish. Close to the North Atlantic continental shelf is a group of shallow underwater plateaus called Grand Banks. This area is unique because the cold Labrador Current mixes with the warm waters of the Gulf Stream. The mixing of the streams and the shape of the ocean bottom lifts nutrients to the surface, helping to create one of the richest fishing grounds in the world – but it is also the cause of violent storms that happen in the best fishing zone of this area: the well-known Flemish Cap of The Perfect Storm.

    The players will have to manage their victory points when they are on the coast to hire boats, engage captains and crews, and buy the proper quantities of fuel and bait so as to sail the Ocean at their best and fish the heaviest and most profitable swordfish of the world.

    Only the most skilled and bravest seamen will be able to take to the open sea without fear through the storm, find the "triple markers", and sell the catch in order to have the most victory points at the end of the season. Meer info
  3. T.I.M.E Stories

    T.I.M.E Stories

    € 38,50

    The T.I.M.E Agency protects humanity by preventing temporal faults and paradoxes from threatening the fabric of our universe. As temporal agents, you and your team will be sent into the bodies of beings from different worlds or realities to successfully complete the missions given to you. Failure is impossible, as you will be able to go back in time as many times as required.

    T.I.M.E Stories is a narrative game, a game of "decksploration". Each player is free to give their character as deep a "role" as they want, in order to live through a story, as much in the game as around the table. But it's also a board game with rules which allow for reflection and optimization.

    At the beginning of the game, the players are at their home base and receive their mission briefing. The object is then to complete it in as few attempts as possible. The actions and movements of the players will use Temporal Units (TU), the quantity of which depend on the scenario and the amount of players. Each attempt is called a "run"; one run equals the use of all of the Temporal Units at the players' disposal. When the TU reach zero, the agents are recalled to the agency, and restart the scenario from the beginning, armed with their experience. The object of the game is to make the perfect run, while solving all of the puzzles and overcoming all of a scenario’s obstacles.

    The base box contains the entirety of the T.I.M.E Stories system and allows players to play all of the scenarios, the first of which — Asylum — is included. During a scenario, which consists of a deck of 120+ cards, each player explores cards, presented most often in the form of a panorama. Access to some cards require the possession of the proper item or items, while others present surprises, enemies, riddles, clues, and other dangers.

    You usually take possession of local hosts to navigate in a given environment, but who knows what you'll have to do to succeed? Roam a med-fan city, looking for the dungeon where the Syaan king is hiding? Survive in the Antarctic while enormous creatures lurk beneath the surface of the ice? Solve a puzzle in an early 20th century asylum? That is all possible, and you might even have to jump from one host to another, or play against your fellow agents from time to time...

    In the box, an insert allows players to "save" the game at any point, to play over multiple sessions, just like in a video game. This way, it's possible to pause your ongoing game by preserving the state of the receptacles, the remaining TU, the discovered clues, etc.

    T.I.M.E Stories is a decksploring game in which each deck makes anything possible! Meer info
  4. Descent: Journeys in the Dark (Second Edition) – Zarihell Lieutenant Pack

    Descent: Journeys in the Dark (Second Edition) – Zarihell Lieutenant Pack

    € 8,50

    You can call upon all the spirits of the dead with the Zarihell Lieutenant Pack. Zarihell is an elf, old beyond knowing, with a powerful command over the spirits of the dead. While Waiqar suffers her to exist in his domain, she serves none other than herself – though you may persuade her to join your cause in another campaign across Terrinoth.

    The Zarihell Lieutenant Pack features the ten-card Eternal Agony Plot deck. Zarihell excels at toying with her prey, cutting them apart piece by piece before moving in for the final blow. For example, you may use the Pins and Needles Plot card when a hero suffers exactly one damage to force that hero to suffer an additional two damage and one fatigue! Whether you’re punishing the heroes for using surges or cutting away at their stamina, the Eternal Agony Plot deck will have the heroes wishing for death long before it comes.

    When she deigns to join the battle, Zarihell fires dark magic and inflicts excruciating agony on any nearby heroes, preventing them from spending surges in battle. Zarihell can even take a soul captive, allowing her to make an attack with a hero before that hero is defeated. However you use Zarihell and the Eternal Agony Plot deck, you’ll bring the corrupting influence of the Mistlands to any Descent campaign. Meer info
  5. Pocket Invaders

    Pocket Invaders

    € 24,95

    Since eons ago, two ancient civilizations are fighting a never-ending battle. Both worlds use all their fleets and intelligence in a dispute that will define the future of their planets.

    Pocket Invaders recreates a retro atmosphere in a strategic game, with a universe in which the maneuverability of your ships is as crucial as luck when introducing new units in your fleet. Meer info
  6. MTG Dragons of Tarkir Booster - English
  7. Dakota


    € 43,00

    Dakota is geïnspireerd door de ontdekking van het Amerikaanse Westen. Spelers nemen de rol aan van een groep kolonisten of een stam van inboorlingen en moeten dan samenwerken en wedijveren tegen elkaar voor het bezit van natuurlijke rijkdommen. Deze natuurlijke rijkdommen hebben verschillende waarde naargelang de groep waartoe je behoort. Meer info
  8. Jet Set

    Jet Set

    € 25,00

    Niet in voorraad

    Het krioelt van de reismogelijkheden in Europa en jij kan bepalen hoe deze opties eruitzien! Koop de rechten op strategisch gunstige routjes en zet je vliegtuigen in om de vliegroutes tussen de meest populaire steden van Europa aan te bieden. Maar een luchtvaartmaatschappij laat zich niet gratis besturen. Begin dus eerst met lucratieve korteafstandsroutjes, voordat je de belangrijke langeafstandsroutjes opneemt. Als het vakantietijd is, moest je met je luchtvaartmaatschappij klaar staan om op te stijgen tot de JETSET! Meer info
  9. Agricola: Expansion for 5 and 6 Players

    Agricola: Expansion for 5 and 6 Players

    € 23,49

    The Agricola: Expansion for 5 and 6 Players continues components that allow more players to participate in the revised edition of Agricola. Meer info
  10. Runewars Miniatures Game: Lord Hawthorne – Hero Expansion

    Runewars Miniatures Game: Lord Hawthorne – Hero Expansion

    € 27,99

    Lead your Daqan forces to glorious victory with Lord Hawthorne! Runewars Miniatures Game: Lord Hawthorne – Hero Expansion provides a new hero for use with your Daqan army. The expansion features two different sculpts for Lord Hawthorne, one mounted to join your army's cavalry units, and one on foot to bolster your rank-and-file troops. Additionally, the expansion pack contains six new upgrade cards, four of which will improve any army and two that are exclusive to Lord Hawthorne. Meer info

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