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In onze webshop kan je een ruime verzameling vinden van leuke gezelschapsspellen voor jong en oud. Ook bieden we een assortiment radiobestuurde voertuigen aan zoals auto's, boten, vliegtuigen en helicopters en constructiespeelgoed van onder andere Geomag, Cobi en Meccano. Voor de zomer voorzien we een collectie buitenspeelgoed van onder andere AquaPlay. Ook kan je voor de allerjongsten producten vinden van zowel Vtech als Geomag Baby.

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  1. Space Alert: The New Frontier

    Space Alert: The New Frontier

    € 22,50

    Nieuwe uitbreidingen en missies voor Space Alert, stand-alone te gebruiken, of in combinatie met het basisspel.

    Engelstalige versie. Meer info
  2. Posthuman


    € 66,50

    Our aspiration to omnipotence has led to the enhancement of our capacities so far beyond our species' limits that we created our genetic successors. Inevitably, the evolved reached their first realization as a unified entity: the extinction of humanity as we know it.

    Posthuman pits you as one of the last human survivors in a world where nature is reclaiming the planet and our evolved offspring are working to eradicate us. Will you resist mutation and survive, or give in to the inevitable and join the evolved?

    In the game, players are humans on a solitary journey to a promised safe house. This journey takes them through ten zones, with the zones being tile-based and randomly generated. As they travel, they encounter each other, other humans, and posthuman mutants. Encounters with mutants may inflict scars, and the more scars players have, the less human they are and the more posthuman they become. Will they strive to cling to their humanity and make a run for the safe house, winning the game? Or will they give in to the ever more tempting mutation, join the posthuman, and deny the win from the rest of the humans? Meer info
  3. King of Tokyo (FR)

    King of Tokyo (FR)

    € 29,00

    <p>King of Tokyo is een spel van Richard Garfield. Iedereen probeert King of Tokyo te worden door gemuteerde monsters, gigantische robots en andere aliens te spelen die elkaar afranselen. In jouw beurt gooi je 6 dobbelstenen, elk met de volgende symbolen:1, 2 of 3 vernietigingspunten, energie, healing en meppen. In drie worpen ga je beslissen welke je gaat houden of welke je gaat afleggen om zo tot een combinatie te komen om vernietigingspunten te winnen, energie te verzamelen of uw health te herstellen of uw medespelers te meppen zodat ze begrijpen dat Tokyo jouw territorium is. De hevigste speler zal King of Tokyo gekroond worden.

    <a href="http://www.boardgamegeek.com/file/download/6g4tv2839j/KingofTokyo-ReglesUS-light.pdf" target="_blank">Offici&euml;le Engelstalige handleiding: </a></p>
    Meer info
  4. Chang Cheng

    Chang Cheng

    € 29,50

    De spelers krijgen de opdracht om te bouwen aan de Chinese Muur om een Mongoolse invasie te voorkomen en de rijke en vruchtbare gebieden te beschermen. Hoe meer muren je bouwt, hoe meer punten je scoort. Maar de Mongolen vallen uiteraard aan en als je muren sneuvelen verlies je punten! Meer info
  5. Snow Tails

    Snow Tails

    € 52,50

    Niet in voorraad

    Snow Tails is set in the snowy world of the Arctic Circle, where brave sledders compete in a test of skill and endurance. Action is fast and furious and not all sleds may make it to the finish. Huskies only have one setting and that is full speed! Hang on to your furs, the reins, your sled and anything else you can get hold of.

    The game contains modular track pieces which can be fitted together to form different courses. Players have their own Dog Decks which they draw from and play onto their sled mat. Movement is rarely in a straight line as the sled may drift left or right. Losing control or speeding into a corner results in Dent cards being acquired which will limit a player's hand size.

    The game features a fun and original movement mechanism. Meer info
  6. Funkenschlag Deluxe

    Funkenschlag Deluxe

    € 49,00

    Power Grid deluxe: Europe/North America is a standalone game in the Power Grid universe.

    For the 10th anniversary of the highly successful game Power Grid we present this new deluxe version including brand new components. Wait for a huge double-sided game board presenting Europe and North America, newly customized wooden parts and an entire deck of new power plants, some of which use natural gas instead of garbage. New overview cards for the resource refill improve game play. An exciting new two players experience is also added - “Against the Trust”!

    The game is still Power Grid, with all the exciting auctions, the nerve-wracking resource speculations, city networks and the competition among the players, all the way to the tight game ending with several players fighting for the win.

    The goal of Power Grid Deluxe is to supply the most cities with power when someone's network reaches a predetermined size. Players mark pre-existing routes between cities for connection, then bid against each other to purchase the power plants that they need to power these cities. However, as power plants are purchased, newer, more efficient plants become available, so by merely purchasing, you're potentially allowing others access to superior equipment.

    What's more, players must acquire the resources (coal, oil, natural gas, and uranium) needed to power said plants (except for the "renewable" windfarm plants, which require no fuel), making it a constant struggle to upgrade your plants for maximum efficiency while still retaining enough wealth to quickly expand your network to get the cheapest routes. Meer info
  7. Munchkin 7: More Good Cards

    Munchkin 7: More Good Cards

    € 14,99

    A munchkin can never have enough good cards... so we bring you... More Good Cards!

    In this small but mighty expansion, you'll find the cards that you, yes, YOU, asked for in our online survey.

    More Wandering Monsters! The best from Munchkin Blender, with new art, along with the brand new... And Its Little Friends.
    More Monster Enhancers! New ways to beef up the critters your opponent is facing.
    More Cheats! More copies of the classic Cheat!, plus the TRULY abusive Cheat With Both Hands and Cheat Like There's No Tomorrow!
    More Curses! Don't Call Me Shirley from Blender, and two all-new cards, diabolic and hilarious!
    More Wishing Rings! Actually, just one. We wouldn't want to spoil too many of those Curses, would we?

    Plus potions, items, and item enhancers! Shuffle them all in, or just add your favorites.

    Munchkin 7 - More Good Cards is an expansion for the classic Munchkin set. Meer info
  8. Super Mario Chess Collectors Edition

    Super Mario Chess Collectors Edition

    € 44,50

    Super Mario Chess - Tin box Meer info
  9. Capo Dei Capi

    Capo Dei Capi

    € 24,50

    Niet in voorraad

    Capo Dei Capi is a 2-player dice game that requires players to "push their luck" each turn as they make tactical area control decisions. It is designed to be a very quick filler game (10-15 minutes) that still demands a certain level of skill and tactical decision-making. Yet, because dice rolls can be unexpected, players must be prepared to adapt and change their plans at the drop of a die. Meer info
  10. Eendjesdans


    € 21,50

    Niet in voorraad

    Maak als eerste jouw eendjesfamilie compleet! Al kwakend dolen de eendjes rond in de vijver. Pak om de beurt een eendje en kijk of het eendje bij jouw familie hoort. Let goed op welke eendjes er gepakt worden, dan weet je misschien waar je jouw eendjes kan vinden. Heb jij als eerste 3 dezelfde eendjes gevonden? Dan heb je gewonnen! Meer info

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